Terms of Services

Please read the following terms and conditions before accessing our website.


The very basic step to get complete access to all of our products and services you need to register to our website through your email. By becoming our member you will also have complete functions and features on account that will give you numerous other benefits. It is therefore very important that you enter accurate and complete information while signing up. We take special measures to protect your information. You will be given unique ID and password so you can sign in. Always choose a difficult password to avoid any damages later on. Password are for your security so that no third party can get access to your data without your consent. However if you lost your password contact us immediately so we can lock your account and no one can acquire your information for malicious intent.

Customer content:

Many customers demand unique images to be printed on boxes. We welcome all such requirements but before submitting any picture or content make sure it is solely owned by you and is not copied from any website. We always check that the content is neither duplicated nor forged. In case of any lawsuit or copyright infringement issue we are not liable and will be held free from any responsibility. You will solely pay all the settlement and lawyer expenses.

You are obliged to agree all our terms and conditions and will never share anything with us from the following list.

  • Defamatory, unlawful, threatening maligning and vulgar content
  • Obtrusive of an individual's security and safety
  • Anything serving the purpose of covering up an unlawful activity
  • Encourages a riot against the government
  • Is not owned solely by you
  • Is a subject of any conflict with regards to copyrights, moral rights property rights or right to publicity?
  • Contains harmful content like Trojans and viruses.

thenextpackaging.com is in no way liable to be asked any questions. We don’t generally filter any content but our employees can do if they feel necessary to reject your content. We can also refuse any content that we is not in alignment with our terms and conditions. Your content should also:

  1. Follow legal processes
  2. Apply the terms and conditions of our company
  3. Respond to an accusation regarding copied content
  4. Protect our rights and intellectual property.

We are not liable for any box you customized from third parties mentioned on our website. However once you upload any information on our website you give us all rights on how to use it in operation. We do not hold any information for longer period and might delete it after thirty days.

Design tool:

To facilitate our customers we have made all design tools accessible on our website. If you draft any logo by using our tools you will not be the owner and all ownership rights remain with thenextpackaging.com. Do not generate copied or unlawful items from our tools.

Quality of color:

Quality of color may not be exactly same as shown on website due to different resolutions of devices you use. Same goes for all RGB images.

Production time:

thenextpackaging.com delivers your orders in very quick turnaround time. However if you fail to specify time period you will have to bear the charges for standard delivery.

We believe in quality:

thenextpackaging.com has launched to fulfill all your packaging needs. To avoid any discrepancies we may give away 3% less or more than quality demanded from us and we will not make any price adjustments in such situations. Any error or misinformation on your part will not make us accountable. We will not bear any consequences and will never make any modifications.

Once you submit the order we assume you have read and gone through it many times to avoid any issues later.


There are two options for sampling:

  1. We can send you a sample kit that includes our previously made boxes so, you can check the material and printing quality.
  2. We can provide you custom samples with your desired dimensions and printing*.

*If you have secure your order with us and order custom sampling before mass production. And we deliver you the samples and you reject it with out any valid reason and want your amount to be refunded. 30% of the total ordering amount will be charged as sampling fee from the paid amount.

Note: There are minor charges for sampling, please contact us through live chat or emal us at info@thenextpackaging.com or call us at +1-91-499-0001 for more information