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When we talk about the packaging sector, Kraft boxes have established themselves as a solid foundation. Kraft box manufacturing is present in almost all types of industries. The ability to recycle these treatments is by far their greatest benefit. The biodegradable sheet won’t harm the environment even if it is thrown away.

These have gained popularity all around the world as a result of their many positive attributes. To prepare your boxes, we use the finest Kraft stock available worldwide.

We will design a box for you if you have a list of competitors. And require one with more sophisticated features. All you have to do is put your trust in our promise to always give the greatest results. Simply fill out the quote form and let us know what you need in terms of custom-printed Kraft boxes, and we’ll take care of the rest.

kraft Boxes:

Kraft boxes are strong and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for transporting your goods. Additionally, you can select the ideal box for your purposes among the several sizes of Kraft boxes.

They are the perfect stock for food packaging because of their environmentally beneficial qualities. Due to their strength and durability, kraft stock is often used to make shipping boxes.

➔ Custom Kraft Boxes: ‘The Most Recent Style’

Due to their sustainability and recyclable nature, custom kraft boxes are becoming more and more popular with businesses. The use of kraft boxes is now more economical thanks to advancements made in the last ten years by printing. And packaging businesses, and you can now tailor them to meet your demands.

Before that, kraft boxes could only be printed in one or two colors. However, the most recent printing methods, like UVs and LED UV inks, now allow you to print in full color or Pantone color.

Our Kraft Packaging Box Customization Options:

Kraft packaging provides fewer personalization options than cardboard packaging. Yet even when the boxes are plain, kraft stock gives visual value to your business.


One of the most popular finishing techniques for modifying kraft boxes is foiling. You can use several colors of foiling in accordance with your brand theme to enhance the appeal of the kraft box.

Using Embossing or Debossing to Add a Touch of Luxury:

You may accentuate the richness and sophistication of your personalized kraft boxes by embossing or debossing them. It effectively raises the status of your brand and makes it easier to distinguish your product from similar-looking rival retail goods.

Kraft Clothing Boxes:

For all kinds of packaging, including clothing packaging, Kraft packaging boxes are perfect. Use lid and tray boxes made of Kraft stock for your clothing products, or if you want to try something more elaborate and appeal to your target demographic, have magnetic closing boxes made of Kraft stock.

Kraft Gift Boxes:

Kraft packaging is the ideal choice to pack and send giveaways during the holiday and festive season. The boxes can be made to look custom or in a variety of forms, such as pillow boxes or gable boxes. The people you send them to will undoubtedly have a remarkable experience thanks to them.

Kraft Food boxes:

Food packaging is quite varied and fraught with difficulties; you must keep costs down while still maintaining box quality. You don’t want to find yourself in a circumstance where the price of packing exceeds the price of the goods. Exceptions are made during the holiday season when businesses choose to send promotional items in upscale packaging that also serves as an advertisement for new products.

Krafts for Jewelry:

Because of the effect that paper has on the environment. Also more and more businesses are moving to recyclable and environmentally friendly stock. This change is being driven by startups, who are also driving big businesses to reconsider their packaging strategies.
One industry where new manufacturers are employing Kraft boxes wholesale to exhibit products. And using distinctive box designs to offer a lot of interest and beauty to the jewelry product is jewelry packaging.

kraft mailers boxes:

Custom Kraft mailer boxes are used as shipping or storage containers to transport items securely in the e-commerce industry and by drop shipping companies. When using Kraft, an additional layer of corrugated material keeps the product secure and the box strong throughout transportation.

Windows on Kraft boxes:

Custom A die-cut feature called kraft boxes with windows is frequently utilized by soap producers. Also for soap packaging in an attractive manner.
In addition to this, Kraft paper bags are frequently utilized in retail settings. Both kraft envelopes and document boxes have uses and advantages.

We offer premium custom Kraft boxes:

With years of experience behind us, we can manufacture excellent eco-friendly boxes to meet your requirements. We guarantee that level of quality for all of our customized Kraft boxes. The rustic brown color of these boxes is luckily not available from us.

Instead, we have a wide range of colors and patterns. That is the key component of our ingenious branding strategy. These protect your chosen valuables while also being made entirely from recyclable materials.

All you need is a deft touch to shape your box whatever you like. In this sense, we are the best bespoke box packaging service for you. Not only that, but we also assist you in finding a wide range of alternative sustainable product solutions.

Whether it’s packaging for long-lasting food and beverages or ecologically friendly cosmetics. We also make sure that your Kraft boxes are produced and printed in a way that minimizes waste.

Uses of Kraft boxes:

Since Kraft boxes are so effective at withstanding moisture, and high ambient temperatures. And other external variables, are employed practically. Every company manufactures consumer goods like soaps, cakes, and freshly baked goods. Since we make these boxes with exact specifications, all of the product’s characteristics, including moisture, taste, and shape, are preserved. Additionally, custom kraft boxes wholesale can be used to store candles, soap, jewelry, and other products.

Additional Features:

Some people may wonder how it is feasible to add accessories or embellishments to these boxes. With the most recent custom printing and publishing technologies, that is probably the case. We make an effort to make your kraft packaging box solutions seem beautiful by using the following methods. Undoubtedly, some of these add-ons are rather expensive and would increase your budget. All you need to do is let us know your precise needs and specifications when approving the quote. Let’s examine some of the most well-known methods we employ in this regard:

1. A sophisticated technique called foil stamping involves applying a metallic foil stamp to the box to embellish it.
2. The process of embossing involves applying a certain amount of pressure and heat to produce a raised impression. It is also a branding strategy that uses a trademark.
3. Debossing is the reverse embossing technique used to imprint the box with recognition permanently. It is applied under pressure and heated to leave a lasting imprint on the box.

Color Schemes for Kraft Box:

Last but not least, we don’t merely build grey and brown boxes as most manufacturers do. By adding the aforementioned embellishments, we give them a unique appearance. We ensure that the environmentally beneficial effect is not canceled while using the most up-to-date printing technology for that aim. All of our inks share the same green characteristics. Here are some of the most well-known color combinations we employ in this context:

1. Although white packaging is quite uncommon, we manage to make it as unique and reasonably priced as possible. These kraft boxes can be printed with any branding information.
2. If you want to lessen the drab grey appearance of your box, vivid colors are one of your greatest options. These would also frequently draw in the intended audience.
3. Black color text is a fantastic method to stand out from the competition in your box.
4. Dark grey is the traditional shade used by Kraft box manufacturers. Since everyone knows that traditional biodegradable Kraft paper has that color, we must give it a darker hue.

Which iCustomBoxes Types Do We Offer?

We offer a range of services to our clients, such as:

● Featured Branding Options
● No-Cost Consultation
● Free design assistance
● Individualized Packages
● Durable and Eco-Friendly Materials
● Cheapest Price with Top-Rated Quality
● Shipping Is Free & Lots More

We assist our customers in selecting the ideal custom kraft boxes for their needs. By providing free design assistance and assisting them in making customizations. Our turnaround time is quick. We provide free shipping throughout the USA. Our employees are under strict orders to make sure that the shipments are shipped securely, promptly, and to the proper destination.

And lower the possibility of damage from precipitation, water spills, or other moisture. Furthermore, we don’t charge our customers for setup or dye. Additionally, we make sure that our work has a welcoming atmosphere that aids in making our customers feel at ease in every manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order wholesale Custom boxes?

Yes, you can order wholesale Custom boxes and enjoy our volume discounts. At TheNextPackaging, the more you order, the less you pay! 

2. Can I get free design support?

Yes, our competent graphic designers provide free design assistance within minutes. Moreover, you can also upload your own artwork in the quotation form available on our website.

3. What is the minimum order quantity for ordering custom boxes?

Our minimum order quantity is hundred boxes (100).

4. How long does it take to deliver custom boxes?

Well, our standard turnaround time is 12 days for printing and dispatching the custom boxes. Whereas we also deliver the rush orders within 8 business days.