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Are you looking for durable, chic, and sturdy packaging? Our custom rigid boxes are the best. This one piece box is perfect for packing, shipping, and displaying valuable goods. The thick paperboard material provides uncompromised protection to light and heavy weight items. You can easily store the delicate and high end goods- no cracking, shattering, or spilling!

Generally, rigid boxes are non collapsible. But at TheNextPackaging, you can find all kinds of packaging. Our collapsible rigid boxes are good to go if you want an improved and flexible structural design. The best part? Since it’s collapsible (foldable) so it is loaded with immense benefits.

For example, it’s shipped flat, saving space and the shipment fare. Moreover, the assembly of one piece box is super easy. It doesn’t require any tapes or glues. All you need is to take out the box, assemble it, and add your favorite items to it.


Ace The Luxury Packaging With Our Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes have redefined the meaning of packaging. It is a storage box power packed with magical powers. Undoubtedly it provides superior protection for the enclosed items. But there is a lot more to it.

Do you know custom printed rigid boxes are a fantastic marketing tool? Yes, you can easily project your brand mission to the audience through custom packaging. Isn’t that amazing? Whether you want to print your brand’s logo, illustration, or slogan, our talented team is here to help you.

We know how to give a luxe look to your packaging. For that, you can scroll through our website and choose whatever printing technique you love. We give our clients full freedom to customize their packaging. Besides can give an exquisite look to the boxes with foil stamping, debossing, or embossing techniques.

The embossing gives a 3D effect to the image, logo, or text. Whereas the debossing creates a more pressed feel. On top of that, foil stamping is the best if you want to add extra bling to the targeted area. The metallic silver and gold touch make the packaging swoon-worthy.



Move The Needle In The Packaging World With Our Superb Surface Laminates

Do you want to make your wholesale rigid boxes a smashing hit? Wonderful! You are in the perfect place. At TheNextPackaging, we always pay heed to intricate packaging details. Although the purpose of a rigid box is to avert damage and provide maximum shielding effect. But here is the catch.

It is a big mistake if the box surface is uneven, dull, or coarse. It damages your brand’s repute and spoils the buyer’s tactile experience. Besides, your boxes don’t fall under the category of exclusive packaging.

Therefore surface laminates are a must have. It prevents the box’s top layer against fingerprints, dust, grease, and scratches. On top of that, it makes the boxes extra strong and durable. At our hub of perfection, we have Spot UV, Aqueous coating, matte, and gloss lamination.

The aqueous coating is water based and quickly dries out. Whereas for specific shine and depth the Spot UV is cool. And if you are a sucker for the reflective surface, we have gloss lamination. And for a more subtle and velvety texture, the matte lamination is the best.

Level Up Your Unboxing Game With Our Versatile Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Small to high street brands are loaded with stylish and swanky packaging. Whether it’s clothing, electronics, jewelry, or a food store, they can’t do with simple boxes. Wondering why? It is admitted that the buyers are aware of the latest packaging trends like never before. Thanks to social media platforms. It has fueled the craze for unboxing videos to an unimaginable extent.

Therefore our unique custom rigid boxes are worth filming and sharing on social media handles. Everything from the paper, box color, printing, and add ons is drool worthy. Besides, we also offer inside printing if you want to go the extra mile. It engages the customers and connects them with your brand.

You can maximize the brand’s marketing potential with inside printing. You can add important facts, powerful images, or pro tops on the inner side. The end result? It turns happy customers into loyal ones. Sounds amazing!

Add Extra Rigidity To The Boxes With Our Custom Inserts

Undoubtedly the structural strength of the rigid packaging deserves five stars. And the positive customer reviews prove its excellence loud and clear. No matter how often you fold the box, you will never complain about wrinkles or creases. Wow, that’s a big feather in our cap.

At TheNextPackaging, we strive to craft top notch packaging at affordable rates. And for that, we have many customized options in stores. For now, we will discuss the very famous custom inserts.

The light weight, durable, easy to use custom inserts are a masterpiece. They are manufactured in different textures, styles, sizes, and colors. They are pretty easy to use. Depending on the product type, you must insert it vertically or horizontally. And we promise that it won’t ruin the aesthetics of the packaging.

In fact, it makes the wholesale rigid boxes look more attractive and organized. What are you waiting for? Add an X factor to your boxes with cardboard and foam separators.

Collapsible Or Non Collapsible Custom Rigid Boxes; Which One Is The Best?

No one likes clutter and excessive packaging. Brands and customers prefer boxes that cost less space and money. But at the same time, they don’t want to compromise on the packaging’s functionality and aesthetics. Thus, without a doubt, the collapsible rigid boxes gain the victory spot.

It’s a superb option for several reasons. Whether you want to ship the boxes or place them at the warehouse, the foldable boxes are a no brainer. This one-piece box is lightweight, easy to stack, and requires less space. Hence it automatically cuts the shipment cost. And you can even place the boxes in your studio without worrying about space.

On the flip side, the non collapsible boxes are inflexible. They are shipped in their original position and take up a hell lot of space. In a nutshell, it is not a smart choice. However, if you love non foldable box style, our packaging specialists are here to help you.

Keep The Copycats At Bay With Our Custom Boxes With Logo!

The surge in wholesale rigid boxes is mind blowing. The customers are head over heels for this unique packaging style. As a matter of fact, it provides swag, flexibility, and protection all under one roof.

The brands love it because their customers love it. Therefore you can cash this opportunity with creative packaging. Yes, we repeat out of the box ideas are a must have. And our geniuses on board are always at your service.

The truth is unprofessional brands always hack the competitor’s creative work. But with TheNextPackaging, it is not possible. It is time to seal the deal and close the customers with a branded logo.

It secures your artwork, brand reputation, and customers. In other words, the bold logo makes your brand confident like never before. as a result, it touches the emotional cords of the customers. Hence it convinces them to stay true to your brand for a lifetime.

Make Your Brand Worthwhile With Our Versatile Rigid Packaging

Life without flavor, thrill, and excitement is of no use. Thus it is important to innovate and experiment in all walks of life. And the custom packaging is no more different.

We craft custom rigid boxes in versatile box styles. Yes, it is true. Our in house specialists design the packaging as per your need. We have the sleeve, tuck front, two-piece and rigid boxes with die cuts.

At TheNextPackaging, we give our A-list clients carte blanche to design the packaging the way they like. You are free to pick the color, themes, and add ons you love. In addition our creative geniuses will help you at each step in crafting bespoke boxes.

Whether you want to pack food items, electronics, or cosmetics, our boxes scream quality. Our graphic designers pick the font style, color, and theme that resonates with the product. Therefore if you are looking for incredible packaging services, bank on us!

Choose Us; We Are The Cream Of The Crop!

Do you want custom rigid boxes that speak volumes about your craftsmanship? Welcome to TheNextPackaging. Designing custom boxes is not an uphill task. But to design top notch packaging requires creativity, brainstorming, and the right set of skills. And no one does it better than us!

The customization process is easy breezy at TheNextPackaging. You need to fill in the quotation form, specify your requirements and upload your artwork. And our sales team will get back to you at the drop of a hat. We offer fast turnaround, no setup charges, free shipping, and doorstep delivery.

Do you want to acquire bulk quantities with volume discounts? We suggest ordering wholesale rigid boxes. The rule is simple; the more you order, the less you pay. And throughout the customization process, our team will guide you at each step. Thus you can blindly trust our graphic designers, estimators, and material analyst.

Mark our words; we won’t let your business go down the flames. Therefore jump on the bandwagon and experience artistic packaging with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order wholesale Custom boxes?

Yes, you can order wholesale Custom boxes and enjoy our volume discounts. At TheNextPackaging, the more you order, the less you pay! 

2. Can I get free design support?

Yes, our competent graphic designers provide free design assistance within minutes. Moreover, you can also upload your own artwork in the quotation form available on our website.

3. What is the minimum order quantity for ordering custom boxes?

Our minimum order quantity is hundred boxes (100).

4. How long does it take to deliver custom boxes?

Well, our standard turnaround time is 12 days for printing and dispatching the custom boxes. Whereas we also deliver the rush orders within 8 business days.