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Custom printed boxes wholesale and packaging according to your specification. Print your logo, die cut your boxes, embossing debossing, laminations and many more add-ons options

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Custom Boxes Wholesale - Custom Printed Boxes With Logo

Custom printed boxes wholesale and packaging according to your specification. Print your logo, die cut your boxes, embossing debossing, laminations and many more add-ons options. CMYK & PMS High Quality offset printing at wholesale rates. Fast Turnaround & Free Shipping all across the United States.

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Custom boxes are perfect for storing cosmetics, electronics, apparel, and food items. At Thenextpackaging, we tailor the boxes as per your needs. We have versatile box styles, printing techniques, laminates, and finishing options. Above all, our packaging is durable, reliable, and eco friendly. Looking for aqueous coating, Spot UV, gloss, and matte lamination for extra finesse? We have all of them. It makes the box surface grease, scratch, and fingerprints free. And it also makes the boxes durable, thus increasing the shelf life of the boxes. Moreover, our high end finishing details, like foil stamping, embossing, and debossing, give a prominent look to the specific area. You can apply this technique to the logo, text, or image. It adds shine and also enhances the buyer's tactile experience. In a nutshell, custom packaging wholesale set your brand apart from the rest. And helps your brand win a better shelf placement on the retail shelves.

Create A Solid Style Statement With Our Versatile Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are available in a plethora of styles, colors, and sizes. At Thenextpackaging, you can discover unlimited box styles at reasonable rates. Our boxes are a perfect fit for your products. Unquestionably our boxes are the best whether you own a bakery, apparel, electronics, or jewelry shop.Looking for a two-piece, dispenser, reverse tuck end, counter display, or sleeve box? Explore our custom style catalog, and you can easily find your dream packaging. In addition, you can choose the box color, size, and add ons of your choice.All you need is to fill out the quotation form and specify your requirements. And our in house printing experts will guide you at each step. We manufacture the boxes depending on the product's size, weight, design, and quantity at the best price.Therefore add a new dimension to your custom packaging boxes with our beautiful box styles.

Give A High End Vibe To Your Custom Packaging Boxes With Foil Stamping Technique

Do you want to impress your A-list clientele? Our custom surface finishings are the best. The foil stamping technique makes your packaging effortlessly chic. The shiny gold or silver foil is applied to the box with high pressure and temperature.As a result, it firmly fixes to the illustrations, logo, or text. And this technique is ideal for wrapping high end products, For example, jewelry, perfumes, wrist watch, and gift boxes. Moreover, it also applies to the food boxes like chocolates, cakes, and cupcakes.The foil stamping does wonders on the embossed and debossed logo. You can never go wrong with a touch of metallic shine. It enhances the visual appeal of the elevated or depressed logo, image, or text.In other words, foil stamping with embossing or debossing is a perfect combo. Sounds amazing!

Make Your Custom Boxes Cute And Handy With Our Customized Add Ons

Customers love packaging boxes with cute decorative effects. Indeed it's a cost-effective way of modifying the boxes into gift or subscription boxes. We have beautiful ribbon knots, bows, hemp rope, and stickers for that purpose. And our beautiful add ons are lightweight, and easy to assemble. And it makes the boxes worth purchasing.Next, we have hang tabs and handles that make the packaging handy. They are also lightweight, affordable, and it increases the box's functionality. And they are placed on top of the box without disturbing its aesthetics.At Thenextpackaging, we give full customization freedom to our clients. You can pick your favorite decorations, and we can tailor them to any color, size, and design.

Which One Looks Better; Inside Or Outside Printing?

Custom printed packaging boxes are a wonderful marketing tool. The outside printing educates the buyers about the brand, product type, price, usage, and side effects. Indeed it's the first thing that grabs the shopaholic's attention. And for that, the appropriate font style, size, and color are very important.But how about inside printing? It tugs the customer's emotional chord and elevates the unboxing experience. You can print beautiful messages, interesting information, or illustrations on the inside. It makes the buyers feel special and increases the worth of your brand.In a nutshell, both inside and outside printing are important. We recommend inside printing for expensive items like perfumes, electronics, apparel, and chocolates. It reminds the customers about your brand's values and vision. And at large, it reflects your game changer packaging styles.

Save Your Budget With Our Custom Packaging Wholesale

At Thenextpackaging, our mission is to boost your growth without costing the earth. We know how to kickstart your brand without compromising the box's quality. That’s why we recommend ordering bulk quantities instead of minimum ones.The more you order, the less you have to pay. And our packaging experts ensure that the box's aesthetics, functionality, and creativity are top-notch. Besides, you get amazing discounts on your wholesale purchase.The icing on the cake? Whether you order a minimum or the maximum number of boxes, we offer free shipping and doorstep delivery service. Believe or not, there are no additional charges linked to your purchase.Still on a budget? Our no minimum order policy is good to go. If you are launching your business and want to play safe, you can order a minimum number of boxes. And we guarantee to provide excellent quality packaging.

Create Flawless Packaging With Our Excellent Custom Surface Coatings

We design packaging for all kinds of industries. From small to large scale enterprises, we give our best shot to satisfy their packaging needs. Undoubtedly our team is pretty much concerned regarding the box design, color and size. Thus we ensure that everything is on point.If you work with an unprofessional custom box supplier, they don't pay heed to the packaging details. Consequently , you get an uneven and coarse box surface. Therefore at Thenextpackaging, we have high quality surface laminates. And it makes your packaging soft, reflective, and long lasting.You can scroll through our website and have a better idea about each coating. We have matte, gloss, aqueous, and Spot UV available. But aqueous coating is the best if you are inclined towards an eco-friendly option.It is eco safe, water-based, and quickly dries out. Hence make your packaging spotless with an Aqueous coating.

Solidify Your Brand's Presence With Our Sustainable Packaging!

Do you know why customers prefer custom boxes over standard ones? Well, there are several reasons for that. But most importantly, custom packaging promotes the right size packaging style. Our packaging consultants craft the boxes in the exact size, color, and style. Hence we create packaging that's neither over nor undersized. As a matter of fact, it puts an end to packaging waste!We use a sustainable paper and eco friendly coating that's biodegradable. And it is an amazing way to embark on the green journey. Our boxes are a perfect fit for storing heavy and lightweight items. Although the kraft is recyclable, but its durability and sturdiness are matchless. And it is perfect for shipping, transportation, and displaying purposes.The brown colored kraft paper gives an organic, raw, and vintage look to your brand. It is your best bet if you want to pack cosmetics, electronics, or food items.

We Are The Best Custom Box Suppliers In Town!

Our team at Thenextpackaging is skilled at manufacturing packaging boxes at reasonable rates. Do you want to order custom printed or blank boxes? Our experienced graphic designers are good to go. Their knowledge of the latest packaging trends helps them to design excellent boxes.You can count on us if you want to change the logo, image, or text. And our experts will design it within minutes. In the end, for your satisfaction, we share digital samples with our clients. No need to hesitate if you want to revise or make relevant changes. Lastly, our qualified quality assurance team double checks the quantity and quality of the boxes. Thus we discard substandard packaging and only deliver high quality ones.What are you waiting for? Specify your exact box requirements in the quotation form, and our sales team will respond to you in no time. Feel free to drop your packaging related queries at or ring at +1-91-499-0001.


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