Privacy Policy

Whenever someone is placing order online their major concern is privacy of information. understand the legitimacy of your concerns and takes measure to keep your information protected.  All your personal data is kept away from anyone who might have malicious/harmful intent towards usage of that data. Following are measures we use to safeguard your data.

Collection of information: collects your information in a number of ways.

  • The most basic information like house address, phone number, gender, ID card information etc. you share yourself with us while placing the order.
  • Cookies install on our website gather data about your browser and operating system.
  • We have software to track number of pages you have visited and note the time you spend on those pages.
  • We may track the reviews you have given on our website
    Credit card and other account information is stored to process your payment/transaction.
  • Track of IP address is also kept.

Usage of information:

We use information to give you best of our services. We use your information to understand your demographics and behaviors to customize products to achieve your 100% satisfaction and get maximum response from you. Your location information helps us to design boxes according to the taste of that specific region. You address is used to deliver your orders. Information of your operating system helps us to provide you website that works best with your browsers. Like for cell phone, phone mode of website turned on. Information of your visited pages helps us to understand your interests and we work to gather other pages that you might be interested in. Reviews given by you helps us to improve our services. This way we keep a track of your preferences and keep our services completely updated.

We use your financial information to complete your online transactions.

Your email and house address is also stored to send you different promotional offer or coupons either through mail or email. Our price list may be sent through these channels. We may also email you our newsletter

Protection of information:

We use a number of ways to protect your information.

  • All private content on our website is password protect and only a person having the password will have access to your personal information. Therefore we advise you to never use easily guessed password for your account. In case you forgot or lost the password contact ASAP so we can lock your account and take any other action required to keep your information safe.
  • We run background check on all employees so that we have only reliable employees in our team. You information is password protected and only authorized individuals from team can have access.
  • We never sell or share your information with anyone unless it is obligated by law.
  • Only verified information is shared between browsers by our secure socket layer. This layer on our website oversee the receiving and sending of proper information.
  • There are number of areas on our website whose content might be generated by third parties. We take no liability in such circumstances but we do take special steps to ensure only safe content is loaded on our website. Always read the privacy policy of third party website as our privacy policy ends on our website.

At we regularly check our privacy policy and take steps to make best changes. However we are not liable to make any declaration therefore read our policy regularly to stay aware of our policies