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Give A Glamorous Look To Your Beauty Brand With Our Dazzling Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Cosmetic is an umbrella term that comprises beauty care and grooming products. It includes perfume, makeup, nail polish, shampoo, bath bombs, and so on. Hence the custom cosmetic boxes are a no brainer to preserve the fragrant, colorful, and nourishing formulas. It is your best bet to secure fancy and delicate cosmetic containers and bottles. And if it has a hefty price tag, it makes the need for swanky packaging even more pressing.

At TheNextPackaging, we provide posh and unique custom cosmetic packaging at the best price. Make your brand stand out in the billion dollar market with our sustainable, handy, and versatile box styles. Looking for a counter display, two piece, reverse tuck, sleeve, or telescope box? Relax! We got your back. Our mission is to give you a taste of quality packaging at affordable rates.

Regardless of the weight, size, and quantity, we tailor the boxes as per your specifications. Choose the material, box dimension, color, coating, and embellishments, and enjoy doorstep delivery in a New York minute. Sign us as your packaging partner and give your brand a makeover with our jaw dropping services. Are you ready to redefine the packaging trends with our creative geniuses?

Fulfill Your Vows To The Planet And Go Green With Our Eco Friendly Custom Cosmetic Boxes

The demand for custom cosmetic packaging has reached an all time high. Thanks to social media platforms for making consumers super conscious about their looks. Hence the constant urge to look flawless and glamorous fuels the billion dollar market. And undoubtedly, it is one of the fastest growing markets in the USA.

Cosmetic lovers fall head over heels for visually appealing cosmetic boxes. It triggers their adrenaline rush and compels them to take action. But here comes the twist. The bold and stylish packaging isn’t enough to win over the customers.

Believe it or not, buyers have become environmentally conscious like never before. And they prefer the brands that tread on the path of green packaging. Therefore if you want to score top sales and close the customers, the eco safe boxes are your best bet.

At TheNextPackaging, we help you achieve your sustainable packaging goals. Resurrect the planet and revive your vows with cardboard and kraft packaging.

Think Outside The Box With Our Inside Printing

Do you agree that custom printed cosmetic packaging is a powerful marketing tool? Hell yes! It is not merely a box but a big game changer for your label. In fact, it defines your brand mission, reflects your vision, and controls your success rate. Indeed it has taken the concept of packaging to the next level.

Outside printing is mainstream and popular. How about taking a U-turn with inside printing? Unquestionably it jacks up the consumers unboxing journey. The moment they open the box, the inside printing inspires them.

You can hook the customers with interesting facts, manufacturing process, or even your brand’s story. Thus it makes them feel special and turns them into faithful customers. Hence the custom box is a canvas that lets you project your creativity seamlessly.

TheNextPackaging is your go to if you want a pop of color, geometrical patterns, or powerful illustration on the inside. If you are not satisfied with your previous artwork or the font style, our skilled designers are always at your service. We offer free design support to our clients within minutes. Maximize your branding potential with inside printing and bounce back with a bang.

Tell A Compelling Brand Story With Dynamic Custom Cosmetic Boxes

It is said that custom cosmetic packaging speaks louder than words. What is your brand’s promise and commitment to the customers? Storytelling packaging can solve this puzzle.

Is your cosmetic brand against animal testing and cruelty? Sounds amazing! Project your brand values through bespoke boxes. Make your packaging thoughtful with powerful graphics, symbols, and facts.

You can choose the box style, slogan, and color schemes that stand against animal testing. As a result, the customers understand, appreciate and value your work ethic. Long story short, the customers thoroughly read the labels and certifications. And at the end, they support cosmetic brands that are cruelty free.

Therefore customized packaging is the best way to turn the heads of the cosmoholics. Get in touch with our packaging specialists and control your brand’s narrative. It is high time to decide what your cosmetic brand is all about.



Give A Luxe Look To Your Cosmetic Brand With The Foil Stamping Technique

Have you ever keenly observed the luxury cosmetic packaging? You will notice the delicate and shiny metallic touch on the boxes. Yes, you guessed it correct. It is the hot foil stamping technique.

What is the best part of hot foil stamping? It exudes class and gives a sense of scarcity. The metallic silver and gold foil enhances the aesthetics of the boxes ten times. In addition, you can apply the technique to the text, logo, and even the images.

On top of that, the reflective and smooth texture of the foil elevates the tactile experience of the buyers. If you want to give your boxes a lustrous and flashy vibe, this technique is your go-to.

Moreover, foil stamping combined with embossing takes cosmetic packaging to the next level. It gives a jump feel and highlights the targeted area. Without exaggeration, embossing is perfect for giving a 3D feel to the logo. However, for flashy depth and character, debossing is the best option.

Harmonize And Organize Your Packaging With Custom Inserts

Customers love attractive and well arranged custom cosmetic boxes. The inside structural organization is as important as the outside. Unfortunately, most brands skimp on the inner beauty of the packaging and end up losing their new clients.

But you can undo the damage with custom inserts! The truth is inserts are a must have for securing multiple products. Whether it’s perfume, shower, or bath bomb set, brands can’t do without inserts.

It creates partitions and provides enough space for storing different items. And above all, it prevents the bumping and clanking of delicate jars. As a result, the customers experience the joy of exclusive packaging with TheNextPackaging.

What are you waiting for? Add extra strength to your wholesale cosmetic boxes with cardboard and foam inserts. We are here to make your packaging process smooth and hassle free. Now you can easily ship, display and gift the boxes without any fear.

Looking For Frustration Free Packaging? Welcome To TheNextPackaging

The philosophy behind customized boxes is to provide flexibility and ease to the customers. So that they can design the boxes the way they like. And they don’t need to follow the typical packaging culture.

Can you guess why poor packaging boils the customer’s blood? The truth is the concept of standard boxes is an utter non sense. It promotes packaging waste, occupies more space, and increases the shipment fare. But there is more to it.

It drives the customers bonkers and wastes their time. And in the end, it increases land pollution. Therefore excessive packaging is not worth all the trouble.

At TheNextPackaging, we promote frustration free packaging. Depending on the product’s weight, style, and dimension, we manufacture accurate size boxes. It keeps the customers safe against bruises and cuts. Thus it enhances the unboxing venture and gives them peace of mind.

In a nutshell, the right size box crafted from eco friendly material adds a new dimension to your packaging.


Embrace Consistent Custom Cosmetic Packaging And Stay True To Your Roots

Why do cosmoholics love your brand? How do you manage to sustain in the competitive market? Well consistent packaging is the answer.

A drastic shift in logo design, color palette, and box styles pull away the customer. They no more feel the emotional customer brand bond. As a matter of fact, signature packaging glues the customers to your brand for a lifetime.

The moment they see your box on the display shelves or the exhibitions, they are drawn toward it. That’s the supernatural effect of custom cosmetic boxes. No matter where your product is placed, your potential customers will smell it from a distance.

Therefore our packaging geniuses suggest avoiding frequent design changing. As it does more harm than bringing good. If you want to establish your monopoly in the lucrative market, never underestimate the role of consistent packaging.

It reminds the customers about your brand’s value and struggles over the years. The signature color combo, tagline, and logo give them confidence and security. Thus they are not ready to let go of that special bond at any cost.

Nab The Top Spot In The Beauty Business With Our Spotless Packaging

The cosmetic industry aims to refine and enhance skin beauty. Consumers spend big bucks to get spotless skin. So isn’t that unfair to display luxury cosmetic items in tawdry wholesale cosmetic boxes? Yes, it is.

TheNextPackaging is your ultimate superhero. We have a spectacular range of custom laminates to give a spiff up look to the packaging. Scroll through our website, and our sales team will navigate you at each step.

Aqueous coating is the best option for maximum coverage and protection. It makes the boxes crystal clear, leaving no stains, scratches, fingerprints, or dirt. And do you know the juiciest part? Aqueous coating is water based, non toxic, and quickly dries out.

On the contrary, Spot UV is a target oriented coating. It gives a flashy depth to the logo, text, or image. To summarize, both techniques are highly effective and long lasting.

The Secret To Success Lies In The Versatile Box Styles

The term cosmetic covers gazillions of products. And they are available in different consistency, color, and form. Obviously, if you compare the shampoo, soaps, and bath bombs, they are poles apart in every way. Though they all are body wash products but they still require custom printed cosmetic packaging.

Hence it is a big blunder to pack all the items in a standard box. The point is, how will the buyers cherry pick their favorite product?

Therefore it is important to add a distinctive element to the boxes. And for that, versatile packaging is no brainer. You name the box style, and we have it. Whether you want minimal or maximal designs, our team will craft them as per your specification.

Unique box styles differentiate your brand from the rest. And your brand effortlessly makes it to the front shelves. Besides, the consumers don’t need to run after the salesperson to find the desired product. Because packaging boxes for cosmetics speaks for itself. Certainly, it acts as a powerful marketing tool.


Feel The Richness Of Custom Packaging With Us!

Looking for creative cosmetic packaging boxes? Step into the world of affordable luxury with TheNextPackaging. We have been ruling the cosmetic business for decades. And the garland goes to our brilliant minds for crafting breathtaking cosmetic boxes.

Our excellent craftsmanship is here to value your years of hard work. We got the skills to infuse a WOW factor into your packaging at reasonable rates. For us, your peace of mind matters the most. Thus our in house team strives hard to exceed your expectations.

TheNextPackaging is the best custom cosmetic boxes supplier, and we mean it. We have set the bar high with our extraordinary packaging services. You can enjoy an easy customization process, free 2D and 3D samples, and doorstep delivery with no shipping charges. Isn’t that amazing?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order wholesale Custom boxes?

Yes, you can order wholesale Custom boxes and enjoy our volume discounts. At TheNextPackaging, the more you order, the less you pay! 

2. Can I get free design support?

Yes, our competent graphic designers provide free design assistance within minutes. Moreover, you can also upload your own artwork in the quotation form available on our website.

3. What is the minimum order quantity for ordering custom boxes?

Our minimum order quantity is hundred boxes (100).

4. How long does it take to deliver custom boxes?

Well, our standard turnaround time is 12 days for printing and dispatching the custom boxes. Whereas we also deliver the rush orders within 8 business days.